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        It is an honor to serve my friends and neighbors of the 46th district who have entrusted me with the responsibilities of representing you in the Pennsylvania Senate. Born and raise here, I’m energized to continue my service in the area I call home.  

        I’m excited about what we have accomplished together and with your support, I look forward to keep working to make our corner of the state a better place to live and work. If you have gone to your mailbox or turned on your tv recently, you know that my opponent has waged a vile and misleading attack against me in order to deflect from her own lack of credibility and experience. Her campaign is bankrolled by a Tea Party millionaire, a self-proclaimed “disrupter” from eastern Pennsylvania, whose agenda is misguided and does not represent our southwestern Pennsylvania values. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Reform PAC’s assault on unions and hardworking families and to hear what organized labor has had to say.

        You know me and you know my record of public service.  I ask that you stand with me on November 4th and reject the shameful negative campaign of my opponent.  I’ve been a public servant my entire adult life, a firefighter for over thirty-seven years, and I am 
“Always There Working for You.”     

       Thank you for your support and your vote.

Always There Working for You!
To read my re-election announcement!
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